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I sometimes get letters asking if we are legit. The answer is yes it is. It took me months of researching computer security and more months of effort to set up a system where I could safely do this. But I did it! I enlisted a friend who was an expert in computer security and he helped me to learn about bitcoin, encryption and all of the other things that I needed to know to keep my identity a secret and of course to keep my customers safe!

When I started this I was looking to make a career change into something that really made a difference in the world. I have been in the position of not having any good source for quality weed or having to deal with shady dealers. No fun!   Plus I know that marijuana  is great medicine. Not only for pain relief and for specific conditions, but it is a great treatment for the daily stresses of modern life. So I get to supply some great medicine to people AND get paid for it. Life is good!

I believe the prohibition of marijuana is itself a crime. Future generations will look back on our time and wonder in astonishment why anyone would want to make a plant illegal…especially one with a thousand uses like marijuana! I am very pleased to be able to offer such high quality strains of this amazing plant.PLEASE ALWAYS VOTE WHERE YOU SEE SIGNS FOT VOTE FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA

Here are some example snippets from real letters that I’ve received:

Jeff>> From packaging to the product itself, quality. Product even arrived in what i would call pristine condition. Just couldn’t be happier and thought you might appreciate the feedback.

DopeBoy5>> Got the package, the blue dream is amazing!  I can’t tell you how happy it has made me to know I have a solid connection, I hope and pray that you never stop offering this service to all of us… I just wanted to thank you and let you know you have a customer for life.

Melanie>> In the words of my children, you da bomb!  That was before they got grown so now they roll their eyes when I say it!  But you are…!!

Hempman>> You really are the very best.  I appreciate all you do for me.  Thanks!

Stonner G>> Just recently received my first order from you and all I can say is WOW!! I turned on a good friend of mine and now he wants to go in with me on a larger order. You’ll be hearing from me again real soon….Thank you so much.

Stonnerman>> Not sure if I thanked you for this yet….If I haven’t….THANK YOU! Your kindness is slowly restoring my faith in humanity….

Pothead>> Perfect weight, very quick delivery and very well packaged. Thank you!!!

Stonned girl>> I know you said not to let you know when orders are received but I felt the need to tell you THANK YOU!! I have to admit I was skeptical but today my order arrived – the packaging was amazingly good. You can imagine my excitement right now!! Thank you for your legitimate offerings and professionalism. You have a lifelong customer now.

Medz>> As usual you are the best!

Agel's Pot>> All I can say to you is THANK YOU! I got my stuff half an hour ago. VERY nice. Thank you so much again! WOW!Received my package!  Thank you for this great service!  Thank you for standing up to the unjust laws and finding a way through it!
I received the White Widow and my first experience with you was truly amazing! The security, the shipping, the encryption. Top notch service all the way!
I did receive my ‘first time buyer’ 1 oz some weeks ago and it was splendid!  Thank you so much for providing this service.  It is helping me very much.The bud arrived.  It’s magnificent.  We are amazed. We are so  thankful for your professionalism and your ability to provide super high  quality.   Thanks again, new loyal customer
Smashing success. Packaging and stealth: 100%. Weight: dunno, who cares, trusted you. Quality: looks amazing and after vaping at very low temps, I’m smiling, relaxed, and can focus on my work.

Junior stonner>> Hey Online420delivery, Just wanted to say that thx and you are true to your word! I had many doubts but you have proved me wrong and you have a customer for life! I will be ordering more very soon and i hope you keep this service going. Please DO send catalogs in the future to this email. Thx again!

Stonned>> Appreciate prompt shipping. Great work in the past, really unbelievable work, you should all be proud.What can I say.  You are Medicine Man.  AAA+++   Thank you very much!
Just writing to thank you profusely for the utter professionalism, the breathtaking quality of product, seamless process that does operate on a trust basis—and was not dissapointed.

Northern Lighs>> At the risk of being a bit dramatic (but truthful) I almost cried when I saw product through dim plastic ( one of the vacuum packs). Ha– I didn’t but came close. Anyway, you are  performing a profoundly needed service–

Brian>>Holy smokes man that lemon haze is lovely. My mouth is literally watering as I type.

Blunt>>This is just a nice letter for you, telling you how you have saved my life, REALLY!  I have been using your service over the past few months (because product quality in my state is terrible) in an effort to relieve pain from multiple spine surgeries.  I have been on opiates for at least the last eight years…at least!  Because I started using cannabis, I noticed I needed fewer and fewer opiates to manage my pain.  Just this last month I was able to completely get off of opiates…amazing!  Because I am off of opiates, I feel like a different person.  I still have pain, but I also have a zest for life that I haven’t had in a long, long, long time.  I am now dedicating my life to telling others how to heal themselves, make this medicine legal in my state, and getting the DEA out of my medical care.  You are an angel, for sure!

Sour diesel>> You are greatly appreciated!

OG Kush>> In this remote area where I live with only three hundred people live here and it’s hard. Away from city No stations or big stores no running water or toilets. Just post office and Eskimos hunting seals and survival. 

Greg>> I’m the smart one so I needed medicine thats the best and found you.  Life runs because of you I love you

Smith>> Hey  Online420delivery, thanks for takin care of us still, and treating us so good. You’re the BEST! Love you,

Jessy>> I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am ,and how embarrassed I feel for ever doubting you !!!! I live in a state that isn’t so friendly to people who are ill and need medicine as I do !!!!!!

Drenny>>The so called premium stuff I get off the street is a complete joke compared to this mind blowing medicine I just received …… The quality is unmatched !!! Quantity dead on  ….. You are a true Professional in every way !!!!!!!!! Thank You For All Of Us Who Need This Medicine

Mystick>>Thank you soooo much! Lighting fast shipping! I couldnt be more happier! A++++.. it feels good to know I have a solid connection now. I really appreciate you, your service and all that you do. Its crazy how you are able to do this. I will be back very soon again and again. Please keep in contact with me for new strains and if this site is ever relocated. Good stuff! Please post this comment on your website also so everyone can see. This Is Legit People

Little Stonner>> I just wanted to tell you everything from start to finish was great. The process was professional, efficient, and streamlined – your shippers really know what they are doing. I am very satisfied with the product, and moreover, your philosophy. My hats off to you for providing such a service for those like myself whom use it for medicinal value. It is a shame that the social stigma surrounding the craft is rather overbearing, but hopefully, in the future, people like yourself can break this cycle.

Dollar $>> Hi Online420delivery; i just wanted to express my appreciation at the remarkable service you provide! Thank you so much for this vital and humanitarian gift that you give!every step in the process was exact and the delivery was fast the meds awesome and the whole experience amazing! Thanks  for your enlightened understanding!

Stonner kid>> Dear Online420delivery, I just wanted to write you a short ty note. Product came in today and I couldn’t be happier! !!!!!!  Man from the packaging to the quality Very impressed!!! Well you got another reliable custiee for life. Thanks again mm

Have some praise for us? Write to us…we love hearing how awesome we are.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Safety And Health Of our Customers Is All That Matters To Us

The big secret is that a LOT of marijuana goes through the USA, European, Canadian Postal systems. We have put time and effort into creating a system to have these fine medical products delivered to your door safely.

Ordering: Our ordering page encrypts your entire order with javascript based client side PGP encryption technology. This means that no one else will be able to read your name, address or other messages except for us. If you prefer to use your own pgp software here is our public key. I do not keep any records of names or mailing addresses. After 3 weeks they are digitally “shredded”. But we will retain your email address to send you future catalogs (unless you ask us not to).

Payment: Payment is made through various anonymous methods. Our  payment system is completely safe, anonymous and untraceable. Your cash is turned into bit-coin, an anonymous and untraceable digital currency. There is no traceable financial transaction between our clients and us.

Shipping: All herb is double vacuum sealed to ensure a completely smell-proof package. Our shippers have been shipping for years and know how to make a package blend in with all the others.

We take your security seriously!

Just about every day I’ll get a letter asking if this is really safe.  All of the information you just read is enough to keep 99.9%+ packages out of the hands of law enforcement. However occasionally contents can be discovered. Perhaps a package is punctured or you have some errant postal employee opening packages they shouldn't be. What do they do when they find 1/2 ounce of weed in a package? Best case scenario (and one that is most likely to happen) is that they just throw it away (or sneak it home and smoke it!). Worst case scenario they call the cops.

Now at this point the only way the cops are going to bag you is if they do a “controlled delivery”. This is where a cop delivers the package to your door and says you need to sign for it which could get you into some trouble (We  NEVER ask you to sign for a package). They can’t bust you just for getting a package in your mailbox. Otherwise anyone could get anyone else in trouble by mailing them drugs and dropping a dime. So if you’re feeling nervous just remember to never ever sign for a package.

Of course it is extremely unlikely to get this far. To do a controlled delivery requires a fair bit of energy and money. Every law enforcement office has limited amounts of these and they very unlikely to spend it on someone getting a bag of weed in the mail. It if was pounds or heavier drugs they might do  it. Their overall drug policy is to go after dealers, the bigger the better. Sure they’re happy to bust users when they come across them but they are not spending their budget on trying to entrap a small time pot smoker. There is simply no return on their investment slapping someone with a misdemeanor IF they’re successful. I have researched this extensively and have NEVER found even one instance of someone getting busted for getting a small amount of weed delivered to them. Every single news article that I have read on the subject involved large quantities of weed or narcotics.

If after reading this you are still nervous you can also add this layer of protection: When you receive your package don’t open it. Just put it on the table. In the unlikely event that there’s a knock on your door you can plausibly claim you have no idea what is in the package. Of course this scenario is really not very likely to happen but if you want to cover all bases there you go.

I’ve had great success in packages arriving. In over 8 years  I’ve only had 10 packages not arrive and no repercussions from these “lost" packages
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